Reminiscing: 8-Bit Atari Games Credits
Thanks to the following people:
Matt Burch and John Hileman for information on Jawbreaker.
Dave Webster for information on Star Raiders and Rescue on Fractalus!.
Ray Wilmott for contributing Alternate Reality - The City.
Steven Lucas, Bradley Bacik, and Andrew Lee for information on Bruce Lee.
Mark Reid for contributing his thoughts on writing Getaway!.
Jason Mazure (?) for information on Donkey Kong, Jr.
John Barnett for information on Ballblazer.
Nick Bensema and Charles Blaquière for noticing my misspelling on Qix.
Chris Roccati for information on Night Mission Pinball.
Dave Comstock for information and corrections to Ballblazer, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-man, and Robotron: 2084.
David Fox for contributing his thoughts on writing Rescue on Fractalus!.
Steve A. Baker for contributing his thoughts on writing Defender.
John Kim, Victor Rini, and Eddie Heard for information on Frogger.